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Natural & Clean Label Preservatives keep beverages fresh by inhibiting the growth of undesirable microorganisms in a biologically friendly way.

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VitaPro® ε- Polylysine (ε- Poly-L-lysine) is a food grade natural preservative (GRAS) for a variety of foods that extends shelf-life due to its high antimicrobial activity against the growth of gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeasts & molds. It’s derived naturally and produced by the fermentation process of Streptomyces albulus under aerobic conditions.

Activity: ≥98%

Beverage Applications & Dosages:
Alcoholic beverages: 100mg/kg
Wine: 50mg/kg
Energy, fitness, sport & isotonic tonic ready to drink beverages: 250mg/kg
Sugar cane base beverages:250mg/kg
Soft drinks: 250mg/kg
Coffee and coffee based beverages: 250mg/kg
Tea & tea based beverages: 250mg/kg
Tomato based beverages: 250mg/kg
Nectars: 250mg/kg
Chocolate flavored drinks: 100mg/kg
Fruit flavored drinks and “ades:” 250mg/kg
Fruit smoothies: 250mg/kg