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Dairy Cultures

LyoPro® Dairy Cultures are freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria (LAB) that deliver the unique sensorial properties in the production of fermented dairy foods.


Enzymes are used to modify, improve texture, and enhance flavor in dairy products. While other types of enzymes such as cheese coagulants are required in the process of cheesemaking.


Antimicrobials are natural preservatives that inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and undesirable microorganisms like mold and yeast in a biologically friendly way.

Natural Colors

ViviMax™ Annatto is a gmo-free double strength water soluble natural color produced from various carotenoid pigments found in the seeds of the achiote tree.

Flavors for Dairy Foods

Natural Flavors are a product that gives taste or enhances flavors in an existing product. Flavors help compensate for any loss of flavor caused by pasteurization.

Lab & Quality Control Equipment

Lab and Quality Control Equipment designed to assist dairy professionals in  analyzing the composition of milk, somatic cell count (SCC) and antibiotic residue testing in milk.