Dairy Cultures

LyoPro® Dairy Cultures are freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria (LAB) that deliver the unique sensorial properties in the production of fermented dairy foods.

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Cheese Cultures

Cheese cultures are a series of cultures that are used in the production of a all types of cheeses.

Yogurt Cultures

Yogurt Cultures are thermophilic cultures that are used in the production of set, stirred, and drinkable yogurt.

Kefir Cultures

Kefir Cultures are formulated to produce a traditional kefir taste composed of sharp, sour, and slightly alcoholic notes.

Probiotic Cultures

Probiotic Cultures are supplementary cultures that are known to have nutritional and health benefits.

Protective Cultures

Protective Cultures are a clean label option that inhibit undesirable microorganisms in a biologically friendly way.