Enzymes are used to modify, improve texture, and enhance flavor in dairy products. While cheese coagulant enzymes are required in cheesemaking.

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Microbial Rennet

Microbial Rennet is non-gmo vegetarian friendly milk clotting enzyme extracted from a non pathogenic pure strain of the fungi Rhizomucor miehei.

Fermentation produced Chymosin

Fermentation Produced Chymosin is a non-gmo milk clotting enzyme produced by the fermentation of Kluyveromyces lactis that optimizes cheese yield.

Transglutaminase Enzyme

Transglutaminase binds the natural protein sources of dairy products and improves the sensory properties of cheese and yogurt while reducing syneresis.

Lipase Enzyme

Lipase enzymes contain lipolytic and esterase activity that degrade the milk fats for glycerol and fatty acids resulting in the development of unique cheese flavor profiles.

Lactase Enzyme

Lactase is a glycoside hydrolase enzyme used commercially to prepare lactose-free products for people with milk intolerance problems.