Transglutaminase Enzyme

Transglutaminase binds the natural protein sources of dairy products and improves the sensory properties of cheese and yogurt while reducing syneresis.

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Transglutaminase Enzyme

TGPro™ Transglutaminase is a widely used natural enzyme produced by the fermentation of Streptoverticillium Mobaraense that binds the natural protein sources of food, improving the texture, avoiding syneresis, and reducing costs without additional additives or extra powder proteins.

In Cheese:
• Captures more protein from the whey
• Increases yield in cheese from 10-20%
• Improves cheese texture and reduces syneresis
• Improves slice-ability

In Yogurt:
• Improves gel strength & ensures the stability during storage
• Reduces or eliminates stabilizer systems
• Reduces syneresis up to 80%
• Increases creaminess when there is a low fat content