Natural Preservatives

Natural & Clean Label Preservatives are shelf life extenders derived from natural sources that help prevent spoilage in meat products.

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Clean Label Natural Preservative

VitaPro® Clean Label Natural Preservative is a clean label cultured dextrose, non-gmo biopreservative produced through the fermentation of propionic acid bacteria that inhibits the growth of undesirable lactic acid bacterium, yeasts and mold, listeria and other microorganisms.  It will improve your products quality and provide an economic advantage by giving added shelf life to finished products.

Application: Meat products

Suggested dosage: 0.1-1% of the weight of the finished product

Nisin 1000 IU/mg

Description: VitaPro® Nisin is a natural antibacterial food and dairy preservative produced by the fermentation of lactic acid bacterium, Lactococcus lactis. VitaPro® Nisin inhibits the growth of a wide range of gram-positive bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, and is particularly effective against some heat resistant spore-forming bacteria.

Content: (%w/w): >2.5
NaCl (%):

Activity: 1000 IU/mg

Permitted applications & max dosages in the USA:
• Meat & poultry soups (200mg/kg)
• In sausage casings (126mg/lb in finished product when used in casings)
• Cooked ready to eat meat & poultry products (100mg/lb)


VitaPro® ε- Polylysine (ε- Poly-L-lysine) is a food grade natural preservative (GRAS) for a variety of foods that extends shelf-life due to its high antimicrobial activity against the growth of gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeasts & molds. It’s derived naturally and produced by the fermentation process of Streptomyces albulus under aerobic conditions.

Activity (on dry basis w/w): ≥98%
Loss on drying: (%w/w): ≤5%

Meat & Seafood Applications & Dosages:
Sausages: 100-300mg/kg
Ham: 100-300mg/kg
Ready to eat cooked red meat: 100-200mg/kg
Fish & shellfish:100-250mg/kg