Natural Preservatives

Natural & Clean Label Preservatives are shelf life extenders derived from natural sources that help prevent spoilage in meat products.

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Description: VitaPro® Nisin is a natural antibacterial food and dairy preservative produced by the fermentation of lactic acid bacterium, Lactococcus lactis. VitaPro® Nisin inhibits the growth of a wide range of gram-positive bacteria and pathogenic bacteria, and is particularly effective against some heat resistant spore-forming bacteria.

Content: (%w/w): >2.5
NaCl (%):

Activity: 1000 IU/mg

Permitted applications & max dosages in the USA:
• Meat & poultry soups (200mg/kg)
• In sausage casings (126mg/lb in finished product when used in casings)
• Cooked ready to eat meat & poultry products (100mg/lb)


VitaPro® ε- Polylysine (ε- Poly-L-lysine) is a food grade natural preservative (GRAS) for a variety of foods that extends shelf-life due to its high antimicrobial activity against the growth of gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria, yeasts & molds. It’s derived naturally and produced by the fermentation process of Streptomyces albulus under aerobic conditions.

Activity (on dry basis w/w): ≥98%
Loss on drying: (%w/w): ≤5%

Meat & Seafood Applications & Dosages:
Sausages: 100-300mg/kg
Ham: 100-300mg/kg
Ready to eat cooked red meat: 100-200mg/kg
Fish & shellfish:100-250mg/kg