Our product range for the vegan industry is composed of dairy free yogurt cultures, natural & clean label preservatives, enzymes, natural colors and flavors.

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Natural Preservatives

Natural & Clean Label Preservatives inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and undesirable microorganisms like mold and yeast in a biologically friendly way.

Dairy Free Cultures

Vegurt is a series of plant based culture used for the production of dairy free yogurt. These starter cultures are used in soy, coconut, and almond milk and are suitable for set-style or stirred-style dairy free yogurt.


Transglutaminase Enzyme, binds the natural protein sources of plant based meats made with proteins and improves the sensory properties while helping to reduce costs.

Natural Colors

ViviMax™ Annatto is a water soluble natural color produced from various carotenoid pigments found in the seeds of the achiote tree that can be used in vegan and vegetarian foods.

Flavors for Vegan Foods

Natural Flavors are a product that gives taste or enhances flavors in an existing product. The possibilities when using flavors are endless.

Probiotics for Vegan Foods

Probiotics are supplementary strains that are available in active and inactive forms which are known to have nutritional and health benefits in vegan foods.