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Lactase Enzyme Food Grade

NeutraLac™ 5000 FG is a new and improved food-grade lactase produced by the fermentation of Bifidobacterium bifidum. The product ensures the controlled elimination of lactose in milk which is degraded into mixture of glucose and galactose. NeutraLac™ 5000 FG is a glycoside hydrolase enzyme used commercially to prepare lactose-free products for people with milk intolerance problems.


  • Controlled elimination of lactose including more accurate measuring of lactose levels
  • Reduced risk of off-flavors due to exceptional purity
  • Stable level of sweetness during shelf life for sugared milk products
  • Lactose-reduced fermented milk products that can be easily digested
  • Fermented milk products with less added sugar
  • Same sweetness and texture over time
  • No process change – lactase can be added together with cultures
  • Formulation flexibility: freedom to use starch-based stabilizers in your yogurt formulation

Size: 34oz (1L) & 44lb drum (20kg)

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