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Milktech® Milk Analyzers

Description:  MilkTech® Milk Analyzers use ultrasound technology to analyze the composition of milk. The parameters of analysis include fat, solids-non-fat (SNF), density, protein, lactose, added water, milk sample temperature, freezing point, salts and pH. These analyzers are economical,  user friendly and reliable. They are  currently being used on dairy farms, laboratories and milk plants worldwide.

Analysis Parameters Range of Analysis Precision 
Fat 0.01–25% ±0.1%
Solids Non-Fat (SNF) 3–15% ±0.15%
Protein 2–7% ±0.15%
Total Solids 0.4–1.5% ±0.05%
pH 0–14 ±0.05%
Lactose 0.01–6% ±0.2%
Milk Temperature 1–40C ±1%
Freezing Point 0.4–1.5% ±0.001%
Density 1015–1040kg/m3 ±0.3kg/m3
Added Water 0–70% ±3


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